Liquid, germ-reducing hand-washing lotion for hygienic cleaning

  • High-quality, skin-friendly wash lotion
  • Preserves the skin’s natural protective acidic mantle
  • Intensive cleaning and hand decontamination
  • For hygienic hand washing in line with EN 1499
  • Effective against bacteria incl. MRSA and EHEC
  • Free from solvents and alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested
  • The product has a clearance certificate for use in food areas
  • Suitable for use in wall dispensers
Area of application

For hygienic hand washing in case of greasy and protein-based stains. Ideal for use in the food and health care sector.

Dermatologically tested Hazard analysis and critical control points
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Art. No. Packaging unit (PU) Numbers of PU per pallet
j47030f Carton of 8 x 500 ml square bottles 126
j470303 Carton of 6 x 1 L square bottles 105
j47030b Carton of 3 x 2 L soft bottles 92
j470391 Carton of 18 x 150 ml bottles 66

Dispenser and packagings:

When using the PE soft bottle, pull the plastic cap from the dosage unit, do not unscrew. Place the canister in the ManoDos-soft dispenser with the dosage unit at the bottom, push back and close the dispenser. When first operating the dispensing lever, the dosage unit audibly clicks into place and is then ready for use. Each environmentally friendly PE soft bottle is supplied with a new dosage unit. Thus, there is no need to clean and service the dosage unit. When using refillable dispensers and dispensers suitable for viscous products, fill the container with the product. Avoid mixing with other products. Fully empty the dispenser at least twice a year and rinse thoroughly with warm water. When using the screw-on dosing pump, screw onto the canister, operate the pump twice (approx. 2 ml) and wash the hands as described. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the dosing pump with warm water prior to changing the canister.

Hand washing:

Dispense 2 ml of the product into damp hands and then wash hands for 30 seconds. Finally, carefully rinse the hands with water and dry with a disposable towel. Do not use any other soap immediately before applying Opybac. Consumption: 2.0 ml/application.

For detailed, printable hand washing instructions, please visit www.kiehl-group.com. We recommend products from the “marina KC” range to protect hands during and after work.

Wash hands

Ingredients (according to 648/2004/EC)

Skin protecting components, additives, biocides, dyes, fragrances.

pH value (concentrate): approx. 6

Active substances in 100 g:

1.8 g Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (CAS: 7173-51-5).


PT 01

Hygienic hand washing in line with EN 1499

Test method

Spectrum of activity

Organic load


Contact time

Test microorganisms

EN 1499



30 s

Escherichia coli

EN 13727




15 s

Staphylococcus aureus incl. MRSA, Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kiehl accepts no liability or responsibility for damage caused as a result of incorrect use or application of the product. marina KC Opybac is not a disinfectant in accordance with the pharmaceutical law; instead it is covered by the biocide directive. For professional use and private consumers. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Packaging material is recyclable.
Keep out of reach of children!
Classification (in concentrate): GHS07, Warning. H319 Causes serious eye irritation. P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

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