Candida auris - our response

Who is Candida auris dangerous for?

  • The fungus is not a danger for healthy people
  • However, the pathogen can become very dangerous for patients and people with a compromised immune system
  • Candida auris was first detected in the ear, but it can also infect other parts of the body, such as the urinary and respiratory tracts, wounds or the blood circulatory system.  If it enters the bloodstream, this can lead to life-threatening sepsis
  • Candida auris is resistant to common antimycotics, i.e. it is difficult to treat with medication
  • It can be transmitted from person to person or via contaminated surfaces

Prevention is possible

  • Candida auris can be eliminated in a targeted manner by disinfectants with a levurocidal effect (= effective against yeasts)
  • Accredited, independent laboratories have confirmed the yeasticidal effect of our hand and surface disinfectants

All KIEHL disinfection products protect you and your patients from Candida auris

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