Eloxa prima

Metal care

  • Special ready-to-use product for cleaning and maintaining metal surfaces
  • Free from acids and alkalis
  • Cleans and maintains in one step
  • Leaves a protective maintenance film
  • Effortlessly removes fingerprints and other marks from metal surfaces
Area of application

For the cleaning and maintenance of indoor metal surfaces made of stainless steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium.

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Eloxa prima, Product information PDF (194 KB)
Eloxa prima, Safety data sheet PDF (624 KB)
Art. No. Packaging unit (PU) Numbers of PU per pallet
j500347 Carton of 6 x 750 ml pear shaped bottles 64
j500310 10 L canister 60

Please test on a small inconspicuous spot before first application.

Metal care:

Use product undiluted. Sparingly apply product to a cloth and wipe metal surfaces.

Consumption: 0.5 ml/m².

Spray (aerosol-free)

Ingredients (according to 648/2004/EC)

Nonionic surfactants < 5%, aliphatic hydrocarbons 15–30%, wax oil, fragrances (Limonene).

Kiehl accepts no liability or responsibility for damage caused as a result of incorrect use or application of the product. Not a consumer product according to 1999/44/EC Art. 1! For professional use only!

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