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K I E H L Cleaning Industry
Vehicle Washing
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  Vehicle Washing     Customer seminars
KAW Kiehl customer seminars - a closer look into the business of washing.
  Technical seminars and customer- or dealer specific employee training
  The market sets the challenges
  Kiehl technical seminars provide the answers
  What you get from it
  • Kiehl technical seminars in Kiehl-Training centres or external seminar centres.
  • Customer-specific training at your premises or washing equipment site.
  • Continuous developments in machine and recirculation technology
  • New brushes and textile-materials in carwashes
  • New and innovative cleaning and polishing methods
  • Increased competitive pressure
  • Systematic instruction for colleagues and wider workforce
  • Technical know-how on equipment, recirculation systems and brush materials
  • Economies through innovative cleaning and maintenance systems
  • Regulations, (e.g. dangerous goods, waste water regulations affording to ATV, HACCP)
  • On-site development tips
  • Expert dialogue
  • Knowledge transfer through practical tips and references
  • Employee leadership and motivation
  • Up-to-the-minute information
  • Effective and optimized cleaning and maintenance systems
  • Lower costs through reduced machine downtime
  • Lower consumption, hence cost, of consumables (chemicals, water, electricity)
  • Increased profitability