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Vehicle Washing
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Products and Product systems of KAW Kiehl offer intelligent and innovative solutions for all essential applications in automatic car wash and polish.
Kiehl´s practical problem solving approach
Suitable products and product-concepts fulfil the highest practical demands. They ensure the optimum cleaning- and polishing results for the wash customers and site operators.

Furthermore products and product-systems of KAW Kiehl ensure a value preserve of car-finishes, plastic parts and chrome-plated parts on cars.

With KAW Kiehl-products operators of car-washes not only achieve best wash and drying results but also the working efficiency will be improved by problem-free application of product-systems.

Throughput times could be reduced to a minimum without lack in cleaning and preserving quality. Especially full maintenance systems like "Kiehl Car Care" open additional chances to increase turnovers and revenues for car-wash operators. They also increase the number of regular wash customers due to the optimum cleaning and preserving results.

This improves the rentability of a car wash significantly.

OOptimized cleaning and preserving results, high product efficiency, easy handling and additional advantages, which are realized with KAW Kiehl products, lead to an improved position among competitors in your local car wash market.

Furthermore the continuous advice and care of our clients by our salesmen and technicians as well as our technical service lead to constant good results in your car wash.

This is of essential importance for customer connection.

KAW Kiehl products and product-systems are accompanied by a powerful and complete range of accessories. It contains useful, practice-tested products like Dosing-pumps, dosing meters, pressurized Sprayers and much more for the problem-free use in vehicle washes.

With KAW Kiehl Accessories the improvement of efficiency in working around vehicle wash will be actively supported.

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