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Last update: 2022-06-24
 Microfibre cloth
High-quality microfibre cleaning cloth for dry and wet use in the inside-area of cars and at home. The specially developed fibres are a 100 times thinner than the human hair and therefore absorb the dirt more effective than traditional cleaning rags or leather.

For car wash operators these cloths are most convenient, to realize publicity campaigns, i.e.
▲ a long-lasting advertising-gift
▲ a gift for high-grade washing-programs
▲ a gift in seasonal advertising-campaigns
80% polyester, 20% polyamide
washable up to 95 °C, 300 g/m²
z421003 blue 30 x 32 cm wrapped in a plastic-bag with inlay instructionmanual in KIEHL-CarCare-design

z421004 blue 40 x 40 cm packed in a salespromoting cardboard, in KIEHLMICRON-design

z421104 blue, 40x40 cm, loose packing
z421105 red, 40x40 cm, loose packing
z421107 yellow, 40x40 cm, loose packing
z421103 blue,30x32 cm, loose packing
Microfibre cloth, HQ-Allround
40x40cm, 300 g/qm, loose packing

z421104: blue
z451105: red
z451107: yellow
z451108: green
Microfibre cloth, „Delicat“
40x40cm, 230 g/qm, loose packing

z421204: blue
z421205: red
z421207: yellow
z421208: green
The instruction label can be designed individually.
We are awaiting your inquiry.
  Selection List
blue, 40x40 cm, loose packing
Art. No. z421104
red, 40x40 cm, loose packing
Art. No. z421105
yellow, 40x40 cm, loose packing
Art. No. z421107
blue, 30x32 cm, loose packing
Art. No. z421103