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Vehicle Washing
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  Vehicle Washing     Technical support service
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TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE is not just empty promises at Kiehl, but intensively applied daily.

Our technicians are highly qualified and competent partners for KAW customers for all questions concerning the car-wash business. Our businesses' branch-based technical teams solve most complex applications issues, on-site if required.

The success of our products, service delivery and problem-solving approach is in a large part due to the capabilities of our technical support team.

In addition to initial installation service and concomitant support through our technical advisory service, our technicians in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy as well as the most Kiehl-Dealers also offer the following customer services:
  • Consultancy on product combinations for your particular machine parameters
  • "Product Application Protocol" Accurate product dosage control with documentation
  • General inspection of carwash installation, dosing systems and (optional) water recirculation system, featured in "Installation Check" twice a year.
  • Checking the most important water-parameters on-site with on-board equipment.
  • Analysis of, and solutions for demanding application queries
  • Consulting support for planning and conception of carwash projects, with and without recirculation systems
  • Detailed water research (operating and waste water) at our in-house lab, including research report into the composition and quality for your local water authority.
  • Adaptation and development of products and services to keep ahead of innovative installation technologies