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The Environment - Close to our Heart 
  Facts and figures
Kiehl Group freely engaged in eco-friendly practices long before formal legislation was implemented. This responsible approach was incorporated into the Odelzhausen factory plans; for example a closed-circuit production system which minimised plant emissions.
Scoring System
Kiehl Group applies a precise eco-friendly score to each of the range of raw materials. Therefore, product formulation can be developed with the environmental impact clearly in mind.
Recycling System
Kiehl recycling initiative for plastic bottles and containers underlines the group's commitment to eco-friendly thoughts and actions.
Thanks to the EN ISO 14001 certification, essential security for environmentally friendly processes in production and secondary operational processes is achieved. Kiehl also complies with the requirements of the Environmental Pact for Bavaria.
Numerous Kiehl products,
such as Econa Concentrate,
have been awarded with
the EU Ecolabel.
It all began in 1904
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The Environment - Close to our Heart
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