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K I E H L Cleaning Industry
Vehicle Washing
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  Cleaning industry     Products
Kiehl Products and Systems offer professional users intelligent and innovative solutions in all areas of professional cleaning and maintenance.
Kiehl's practical problem-solving approach
Harmonised and market-orientated products and systems solutions meet specific practical requirements, giving the contract cleaner the surety of optimum cleaning and maintenance results.

Moreover, Kiehl products and systems add to the value of the areas and furnishings to be cleaned.

Kiehl products don't just offer the professional user the best results: operating efficiency increases, maximising value-for-money. Unit labour can be saved, thereby realising greater economies.

For example, with some Kiehl products, several traditional work processes may be rolled into one operation.

Users of Kiehl's products maximise profitability and strengthen their market-positions through lower unit labour costs, precise product dosing measures, less work processes, easier handling and many other advantages.

A range of heavy-duty, purpose-designed and rigorously tested accessories complement Kiehl's products and systems for trouble-free, on-the-job application.

Kiehl's accessories range enhance surface finish, whilst increasing overall efficiency.

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