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Last update: 2014-07-21
High solids acrylic emulsion polish
Three-dimensionally cross-linked polymer emulsion polish with excellent rub and scratch resistance for the protection of floor coverings in high traffic areas. Thanks to the high content of synthetic material and the use of innovative raw materials, even old and exhausted floor coverings become highly dirt-resistant after only 2 applications and routine cleaning will be more economical. On high-density and new surfaces, this effect can be reached with only one application. Thanks to the special formula, the first layer can be applied after only a short drying time. The coating, which is free of PU, has to be removed by a professional stripping. Thermodur-diamant is resistant to surface disinfectant cleaners and largely resistant to hand disinfection products.
Polymer dispersions, hard polyethylene waxes, water-soluble solvents, resins, plasticizers.

pH value (concentrate): approx. 8.5
Suitable for use on water-resistant, stripped floor coverings, such as PVC, rubber, linoleum, absorbent natural and artificial stone, etc. Before using Thermodur-diamant on P-U or P-E floor coverings, please make an adhesion test.
After stripping the floor and a short drying time, apply product undiluted in a thin layer using a flat mop. Do not let the product dry on the mop and immediately close the container after use.I
Coating stripped floors:
Depending on the absorbency level of the floor, 1-2 applications at approx. 60-minute intervals may be necessary.
In order to maintain the properties of the surface film, solvent-based cleaners must only be used for stripping.
The hardening time will increase significantly with two or
more coatings. In these cases, the floor should only be
dry-swept in the first 48 hours.
No consumer product according to 1999/44/CE Art. 1!
For professional use only!

Protect from frost!
  Selection list
Carton of 2 x 5 litre containers
Art. No. j 20 11 05
Coating stripped floors: 25 ml per square metre