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K I E H L Cleaning Industry
Vehicle Washing
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  Cleaning Industry     Products     KIEHL Innovations 2018/2019
KIEHL product innovations 2018/2019
Routine cleaning/ Maintenance cleaning
Eco glass cleaner
Special stripper
Kitchen cleaning / food hygiene
Grease remover
Cleaning Industry | Preparation of cleaning textiles
Impregnation agent for textiles
Maintenance and cleaning of wood / parquet
Self-shining one-component long-term coating
Matt one-component long-term coating
Water-based impregnating maintenance oil
Stone care and impregnation
Water-based impregnating maintenance oil
Kitchen cleaning / food hygiene
Descaler for coffee machine and kitchen equipment
Coffee Machine Cleaner
Disinfection cleaning
Liquid aldehyde and quat-free disinfectant cleaner concentrate
Liquid aldehyde-free disinfectant cleaner concentrate